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PEGA + and BETAMEX, new instant adhesives Quilosa

QUILOSA, the leading brand in adhesives and sealants 2015 begins celebrating its 75th anniversary by presenting two new instant adhesives with revolutionary technology.

Quilosa, Spanish brand of Selena Group, celebrates its 75th anniversary with numerous events this year. The first took place on January 22 in Room Shoko Madrid with the presence of its main customers in Spain and Portugal, which have been enjoying a performance of Leo Harlem and the presentation of new instant adhesives and BETAMEX PEGA +.

Using a new technology base cyanoacrylate instant BETAMEX offers excellent resistance. And thanks to its new technology is more flexible, non-irritating, and can be applied on any material, including Porex. Minimizing blooming effect and is highly viscous, unlike traditional market cyanoacrylates.

Paste + is a cyanoacrylate adhesive mounting, faster and stronger than traditional, with good flexibility. Useful for all kinds of surfaces, porous or nonporous. It is transparent and comes in plastic tube closure click, with a very precise making it a very versatile and easy to use product for bricolador cannula.