Sustainable development

Sustainable development is an inherent element of Selena’s vision. Our commitment to environmental protection, green building and health is delivered across every aspect of our business. Selena’s efforts to secure a healthy and clean environment for future generations have been focused around three areas. The first one is the development of innovative products and solutions which increase energy efficiency of new and existing buildings by providing excellent thermal insulation and eliminating thermal bridging. The second, is the endeavour to minimize the environmental footprint of manufacturing operations by using recyclable packaging materials, reducing energy and raw materials consumption, decreasing waste levels and eliminating harmful substances from the production process (e.g. CFCs and HCFCs). Finally, we recognize the health concerns connected with environmental pollution and address them by developing products that improve indoor air quality: are emission-free, have low or no VOC content, are moisture resistant to deter mould and germs, and allow a building to breathe. Selena is also committed to creating a safe work environment for the end-users of our products, as well as for our employees.