Innovations and development

Identification and fulfilment of customer requirements is the basis of Selena Group’s market strategy. Selena continuously conducts extensive research to develop and create new products which would best fit the varied needs of end-customers.

Separate R&D departments have been established for each of the key product groups. Their function is to design new products and to ensure their highest quality. This approach has resulted in a very wide offer dedicated for professionals as well as DIY users. Selena has released many innovative products on the market in the recent years, among them:

  •  Tytan Professional O2 PU foams which do not emit harmful MDI vapour
  •  Tytan EOS Building Insulation Systems
  •  FIX2 sealant and adhesive based on MS Polymer
  •  Rainbow Silicone available in a wide colour range
  •  PU foams for use at low temperature (“winter” PU foams)
  • Tytan 65 and Tytan Lexy – high-yield PU foams

Selena Group manufactures its products exclusively with its own formulas and technologies, developed by Selena R&D department specialists. The department also plays a key role in the global development of Selena’s production activities. Polish specialists assist in starting production plants abroad, tending to the implementation of technology and know-how developed in Europe, as well as assuring high, consistent quality. Product formulas are individually tailored for markets in Asia, Europe, North and South America in compliance with the customer requirements and each country’s characteristics (e.g. taking climate into consideration).