Our values

Selena´s Group Mission

• Our contribution to society.

• Provide construction professionals worldwide a range of products and services they can trust.

• The origin of our mission is the long-term cooperation with our clients, construction professionals worldwide.

• We believe that, regardless of their geographic location, what all customers value the most is trust in the products and services they use and the commitment to their partners and suppliers.

• We want to win this trust.

• Furthermore, this trust is also based on our commitment to the environment and the welfare of our clients, obtained by the use of suitable manufacturing techniques.

Selena’s Group Visión

What we want to achieve and in what time.

• We are a global company, operating in the major global economic regions of the world.

• We are one of the global leaders in the production of polyurethane foams, sealants and adhesives.

• We are one of the leading suppliers of products for waterproofing and insulation systems in Europe.

• Our strength comes from innovation, advanced technology, a strong distribution network and our own own brand.

• We value our shareholders, customers, partners and investors.

• We understand the specific needs of our customers, in all of the countries and we adapt our offer accordingly.

• We are a company valued by our employees. We value their contribution and help them grow.

• During our production process, we care about the safety of the users and respect the environment.

Selena´s Group Values

Our values are the principles that we use as a benchmark in all of our actions.


  • Independence of judgment and action is a value when setting goals and to keep constancy in their achievement.
  • It unleash the potential, energy and competitive spirit of each individual. Helping him focus on the problem solving.
  • Entrepreneurship is also known for the incessant search for new business opportunities in all aspects of our business: product, geographic and operational.


To achieve a goal, it is not enough to know the path. It also takes daily courage, determination and motivation. The determination often means the difference between success and failure.


In a dynamic world of constant change, the ability of creative thinking is a prerequisite for business success. The unprecedented pace of change requires flexibility in developing both strategic and execution. Creativity also means, offer customers the best solutions to their needs.


Honesty is the basis on which we build trusting relationships with our customers, shareholders and partners. While caring out our daily tasks, we act with integrity and taking responsibility for our words and actions.


In order to create and cooperate globally in this complex world, it is imperative to respect and accept people, regardless of their country of origin, culture, religion and point of view. The opportunity to build together international and multicultural community representing Selena, special grants us joy and satisfaction. The passion to learn from others is a source of inspiration for the creation of new concepts and the conquest of all new markets.


Quilosa-Selena Iberia development is based on the knowledge of the market and the needs of their customers. Quilosa-Selena gets this knowledge based on the experience gained through local markets and direct cooperation with professional users of its products. As an organization, Selena focuses on continuous learning and increasing the skills of all members and partners of the group. With factories and R & D centers located throughout the world, Selena has a great experience in their products and is able to adapt to the needs of each market and customer.