We are a leading company in the field of chemicals for industry professionals and construction.

Quilosa – Selena Iberia, a Spanish company, founded in 1940, with over 70 years of experience introducing new technologies and solutions for industry, construction and DIY. We are the leader in the manufacture and marketing of adhesives, sealants and polyurethane foams.

In 2009, Iberia Quilosa-Selena to Selena international group has 15 production plants spread over four continents and distributes products in over 70 countries worldwide joined, besides being the second producer worldwide polyurethane foam .

With a history of over 70 years of experience and constant collaboration with customers and suppliers: today we have more than 1,500 products and 4,000 customers.

One of our pillars is our team, a highly qualified professional team that understands the needs of the market, our customers and consumers.

To keep pace with the growing market demand and promote development, Selena Group is committed to its own manufacturing facilities, both by increasing their capacity, and expanding its network of production plants abroad. Currently, 15 high-tech factories supply the Selena Group.